1. Were all your pictures taken in Jamaica?
    Yes…every single one, over the period of about 30 years.
  2. How quickly will I receive my download?
    That will depend on your individual line speed. The files are between 10-20MB for the posters, oils and plates. The individual pictures should be no more thank 500KB so will download fairly quickly.
  3. What is the best paper to have them printed on?
    I recommend an archival type medium grade gloss for the posters, canvas for the photo oils and a medium grade matte for the plates. When you’re printing the photo oils remember to ask for a 2″ border so the print can be wrapped and framed without encroaching on the image.
  4. Will you have them printed for me?
    With pleasure! I work in Jamaica with one of the best printers in the Caribbean, however this will also attract additional tubing and shipping costs.
  5. What’s the main purpose of sharing all your images?
    I am deeply committed to my country Jamaica, and because of hundreds of requests largely through Facebook, this is the result of helping to share the beauty of my land and its people. At the same time, making it as easy for anyone in the world at anytime to have access to my work.
  6. Can your images be used commercially?
    Yes they can, however a separate agreement would have to be negotiated for the rights to that license.
  7. Do you do commissioned work?
    All the time! Have a look at my portfolios to see the types of images I’ve been asked to create. Then get in touch with me and we’ll get it done!
  8. Do you shoot outside of Jamaica?
    All the time! I’ve photographed extensively throughout the Caribbean, the U.S and the U.K. However those images are usually client specific, and you won’t see them here. Also because they were not taken in Jamaica!
  9. What do you prefer shooting?
    I love photographing people, as it gives me a chance to get to know them a bit. It’s really spectacular showing someone how beautiful they really are. Landscapes are also a favorite, as it really shows of how beautiful Jamaica really is. I have a favorite saying…”If you could only see what I feel…” hopefully my images will help you with that.
  10. What are the numbers and letters on your Simply Jamaica Posters?
    Those are called “Geo Tags” …instead of me saying where that image was taken, if you put them into Google Maps they will take you to the exact spot in Jamaica I was in when I took it.